Top 7 most stylish bedroom floor lamps in 2023 | Expert Review

Discover the Best Bedroom Floor Lamps! Unbiased Review, Top Picks, and Buying Guide. Find Your Perfect Lighting Companion Today! Lighting is quite important in creating a pleasant mood in your bedroom. What better way to lift one’s mood than a beautiful and functional floor lamp? This in-depth bedroom floor lamp review explores various ideas to turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. We have what you need, whether you want a modern style, adjustable brightness, or features that save energy.

Why you should choose the right bedroom floor lamps

Bedroom floor lamps are essential for creating a functional and visually appealing bedroom atmosphere. They provide additional lighting, serve as task lights, and contribute to the overall mood and ambiance. With their space-saving design and versatility, floor lamps offer both practicality and style, enhancing the room’s overall decor.

The popularity of bedroom floor lights

Bedroom floor lamps have gained significant popularity in recent years. Because of their versatility, functionality, and decorative appeal have become a favorite choice among homeowners and interior designers.

The ability to provide targeted lighting, their space-saving design, and the wide variety of styles available make bedroom floor lamps a preferred lighting option for many people looking to enhance the ambiance and functionality of their bedrooms.

Hidden Feature of bedroom floor lamps

  1. Additional lighting: Provide extra illumination in the bedroom.
  2. Task lighting: Ideal for reading, studying, or working.
  3. Mood and ambiance: Enhance the atmosphere with adjustable lighting.
  4. Space-saving: Slim profile, fit in small spaces.
  5. Decorative element: Complement bedroom design.
  6. Versatility: Adjustable and movable for different lighting needs.

Buying Guide + Things to know before choosing a Lamp for your bedroom

  1. Assess lighting needs: Determine how you’ll use the lamp.
  2. Consider size and style: Ensure it fits the space and matches the decor.
  3. Look for adjustability: Choose lamps with adjustable features.
  4. Decide on LED or incandescent lighting; consider brightness and color temperature.
  5. Prioritize quality and durability: Invest in a well-built, long-lasting lamp.
  6. Check for ease of use: Convenient switches or remote controls.
  7. Set a budget: Determine a price range before exploring options.
  8. Ensure safety features: Stable base and sturdy construction.
  9. Warranty and customer support: Look for reliable brands and warranty coverage.

7 most popular bedroom floor lamps

bedroom floor lamps

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1. Ambimall Floor Lamp for Bedroom

The Ambimall Floor Lamp for Bedroom is a stylish and versatile lighting solution that adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom decor.
Its adjustable height and warm, ambient glow create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and reading.

Key Feature:

  • Dimmable floor lamp with 3 color temperature bulb: Ambimall stand-up lamp includes a 9W LED bulb with adjustable color temperatures (3000K/4000K/5000K) for creating different atmospheres.
  • Simple design modern floor lamp with pull chain switch: 61.41” tall lamp with a convenient pull chain switch for easy on/off operation, perfect for reading and placement behind furniture.
  • Corner floor lamp for living room, bedroom study room: Versatile and affordable lamp suitable for various room styles, including living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms.
  • Ideal gift for the new house: This product’s elegant and functional design is an excellent addition to any room, especially for new houses that don’t have ceiling lights.
  • Easy to install: Quick assembly without tools, including a light bulb, with simple steps for connecting poles, inserting into the base and attaching the lampshade.

2. Drum Shade Standing Lamp

The Drum Shade Standing Lamp is a trendy and modern lighting fixture with a cylindrical drum-shaped shade that provides attractive and diffused illumination to any room. It is excellent for adding a touch of modern elegance to your space because of its tall and slender features.

Key Feature:

  • Easy-to-use pull chain switch: Simply pull the chain once to turn the lamp on or off, with a concealed power cable for a tidy look. Compatible with intelligent outlets and equipped with a standard plug.
  • E26 socket for customization: The lamp features a medium base socket that can accommodate most lightbulbs, allowing you to create the desired ambiance. Supports up to 100 watts of energy. Lightbulb not included.
  • Versatile style options: Customize the lamp by replacing the original shade with any standard, medium-base shade you choose. Available in brushed nickel, black, or antique brass finishes to complement your home décor.
  • Sturdy and well-proportioned: With a total height of 55″ and a weighted 12″ base, the lamp stands securely on any flooring. The white linen lampshade has a diameter of 12″ and a height of 10″.
  • Easy assembly and warranty: Ted is easy to assemble and has a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Contact us via phone or email for assembly support or to file a warranty claim.

3. Gold Tree Standing Tall Lamp

The Drum Shade Standing Lamp is a versatile, stylish lighting fixture with a pull chain switch for easy operation. With its customizable shade options and sturdy construction, it adds both functionality and elegance to any space.

Key Feature:

  • Stepless dimming floor lamp: This updated floor lamp offers step-less dimming from 0 to 100%, allowing you to adjust the brightness for different scenes with a simple twist.
  • Includes 800 lumens LED bulbs: The floor lamp comes with three E26 lamp holders and three 6W LED bulbs (equivalent to 60W), providing 800 lumens of warm white light (2700K) with no flickering or buzzing.
  • 68-inch industrial design: With a height of 68 inches and a metal base diameter of 9.8 inches, this tall and sturdy floor lamp is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, shops, and restaurants.
  • Exquisite and sturdy base: Made of high-quality metal, the lamp features a durable and elegant design with three lightweight cages, a straight pole, and a stable base that ensures safety and stability, even on carpets.
  • Outstanding services and warranty: Enjoy a 36-month warranty, including refunds or replacements for defective items. All installation hardware is provided, and prompt assistance is available for inquiries regarding the modern floor lamp.

4. Modern Floor Lamp with Shade

The Modern Floor Lamp with Shade is a contemporary lighting fixture combining sleek design and functional illumination. Featuring a stylish shade, it provides a diffused and warm glow to enhance any room’s ambiance. Its modern aesthetic and versatile appeal make it a perfect addition to living rooms, bedrooms, or offices.

Key Feature: 

  • Versatile white standing lamp: Fits well in any room decor, from industrial to modern or traditional styles, making it suitable for living rooms and
  • E26 base bulb compatibility: A 2700K warm white light bulb is recommended for a cozy atmosphere. LED technology ensures energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, lasting up to 20,000 hours. (Bulb not included)
  • Ideal for working and reading: Slim design allows easy placement near furniture like recliners or desks. A lightweight yet stable base ensures stability without occupying much visual space.
  • Perfect for modern home decor: Features a white shade and stable black base that brightens the room, blending seamlessly with furniture. Convenient pedal switch for easy on/off operation.
  • Easy installation: Simple assembly process, with twist-together poles, base insertion, and quick lamp shade assembly. Takes only 10 minutes to complete without the need for tools.

5. Super Bright bedroom floor lamp

The Super Bright Bedroom Floor Lamp is a high-intensity lighting solution designed to illuminate your bedroom with exceptional brightness. It’s powerful light output and adjustable features provide optimal visibility for reading, working, or any other activities in your bedroom.

Key Feature:

  • Convenient control: Remote control and touch control options for easy operation.
  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient: LED technology with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and low heat generation.
  • Versatile lighting: Adjustable color temperatures and stepless brightness adjustment.
  • Space-saving and stable: Heavy base for stability and compact design for saving space.
  • Directional and glare-free light: Rotatable and tiltable top for customizable lighting angles and reduced glare.

6. Super Bright LED Floor Lamps for Living Room

The Super Bright Dimmable LED Floor Lamps for Living Room offer exceptional brightness and customizable lighting with dimming capabilities. Perfect for illuminating your living room with powerful and adjustable light to create the desired ambiance.

Key Feature:

  • Upgraded base and lamp head: The floor lamp features a heavy metal base for stability and a high-quality lamp head that provides bright, non-dazzling light, protecting your eyes and ensuring balanced illumination.
  • 2 types of control: Enjoy convenient control with a remote that works up to a distance of 50ft and a magnetic button control, providing easy operation for the floor lamp.
  • Versatile and dimmable lights: Customize your lighting experience with stepless dimmable brightness (5%-100%) and four color temperatures (3000K-6500K) to create the perfect ambiance in your living room.
  • Timer setting: Set the floor lamp to automatically turn on or off with the built-in timer function, offering added convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Long lifespan and energy-saving: The adjustable gooseneck lets you position the lamp head in any direction and angle. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, this floor lamp offers long-lasting performance and energy-saving benefits.

7. Aaron Modern Tree Floor Lamp

The Aaron Modern Tree Floor Lamp brings a contemporary touch to your space with its sleek design and multiple adjustable arms, allowing you to customize the lighting direction. Perfect for adding both style and functionality to any room in your home.

Key Feature:

  • Overall height: 64″. Base width: 10″ at the bottom. Each light measures 6″ in height and 5 3/4″ in width. The lamp weighs 10 lbs.
  • Requires three standard-medium base bulbs with a maximum wattage of 40 (bulbs not included). Each socket is equipped with an on-off rotary switch.
  • The Aaron collection offers a contemporary three-light tree floor lamp created by the renowned brand 360 Lighting.
  • Adjustable design allows each lamp head to swivel 360 degrees and tilt up to 180 degrees, providing customizable lighting options.
  • Crafted with an aged brass finish metal base and dome shades. The lamp includes a 5-foot-long black cord and plugs for easy installation.


In the end, bedroom floor lamps are essential to making the place appear and function more pleasant. They provide task lighting for things like reading or working and ambient lighting to make the room feel warm and welcome.

Whether you prefer sleek and modern styles or classic and traditional designs, plenty of options are available to suit your personal taste and enhance your bedroom’s ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you put a floor lamp in the bedroom?

Yes, floor lamps can be placed in bedrooms to provide additional lighting and enhance the overall ambiance of the space.

Which lamp is best for the bedroom?

The best lamp for a bedroom depends on personal preferences and the specific lighting needs of the space. However, some popular options for bedroom lamps include:

  • Aaron Modern Tree Floor Lamp
  • Super Bright Dimmable LED Floor Lamps
  • Modern Floor Lamp with Shade
  • Super Bright bedroom floor lamp

Which floor lamp is best for a dark room?

The best type of floor lamp for a dark room is one that provides ample brightness and has adjustable features. Look for floor lamps with high-lumen output or LED bulbs that offer bright and white light. Here are some best lamps for dark rooms:

  • Ambimall Floor Lamp for Bedroom
  • Drum Shade Standing Lamp
  • Gold Tree Standing Tall Lamp
  • Modern Floor Lamp with Shade

Are floor lamps in fashion?

Yes, floor lamps are currently in fashion and have gained popularity in interior design. They offer versatility and functional lighting and can serve as stylish decorative elements in various room settings.

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