Top 8 Dreamy white blackout curtains for bedroom

Are you searching for white blackout curtains? Style your bedroom with our dreamy white blackout curtains. Let’s transform your simple bedroom into beautiful heaven.

When designing your bedroom, one of the most essential things is window curtains. They play a crucial role in bedroom décor and your bedroom privacy. That’s why it becomes very necessary to choose the best one. Here are the top 8 dreamy white blackout curtains for your bedroom to bless your room with a fantastic gift.

White blackout curtains for bedroom

White blackout curtain is the best choice for those who like style with privacy. They consist of two parts, white and black, having their importance. The white part style the bedroom interior, while the black part blocks the unwanted sunlight and provides nighttime privacy. With their stylish accent and feature, white blackout curtains have become popular.

white blackout curtains

Why are white blackout curtains essential for the bedroom?

Most people use curtains on doors and windows because they provide a fantastic look and protection. But it become more essential for your privacy and comfort. The installation of unique curtains can complete your bedroom. Due to the following reason, White blackout curtains are crucial:

Complete darkness: White blackout curtains prevent the external light offering a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Temperature Control: They effectively control the room temperature by blocking external heat in the summer as well as retaining warmth during the colder months. In this way, they sustain an average comfortable temperature.

Privacy and Aesthetic: The clean and natural white color similarly introduces the style and brightness, providing the desired level of privacy from prying eyes outside.

Things to consider before buying

When buying white blackout curtains, the next step is knowing what can be valuable. Here are some important factors that should be considered before buying.

Material and Thickness: The Material and thickness will impact the curtain’s light-blocking ability and lifespan. Choose curtains that are made of heavy and tightly woven fabric. They will provide you with a better response.

Size and color: Measure the size of your space accurately to ensure that the curtain will fit properly. There are various variants of white blackout curtains available in the market. Choose the best one. Make sure the size and color to buy the desired perfection.

Reviews and recommendations: Read the reviews from other buyers to ensure the performance and quality of the curtain. Feedback from others will help you to take a valuable decision.

8 best white blackout curtains for bedroom

1. NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain

The NICETOWN Blackout Window Curtain is a stylish and functional addition to any space. Its innovative design ensures complete light blockage, creating a cozy and private ambiance. With easy installation and a variety of colors to choose from, it’s an ideal choice for both practicality and aesthetics.

White blackout curtains


Key Features:

  • Ready-made: 2 panels per package, each measuring 52″wide x 84″ long (Total width 104″). Silver grommet design (1.6″inner diameter) for easy installation and sliding.
  • Blackout Effect: Sewn-in black liner backing blocks sunlight and UV rays, providing a genuinely dark environment for daytime sleep.
  • Noise Reducing: Heavyweight panels with two layers offer enhanced sound absorption, twice as effective as single-layer curtains.
  • Unique Design: Triple weave blackout fabric balances room temperature, insulating against heat and cold while ensuring privacy.
  • Easy Care: Durable finish, suitable for dry cleaning. Avoid water washing and sharp object contact.

2. H.VERSAILTEX 100% Blackout White Curtains

Complete darkness and absolute privacy with H.VERSAILTEX’s blackout white curtains. These beautiful curtains complement your interior with their elegant white texture and block all external light, making them ideal for media rooms, bedrooms, or any other space requiring light control. Make your living space more comfortable by putting these chic and practical curtains.

White blackout curtains


Key Features:

  • STANDARD SIZE: The set contains two panels, each measuring 52″W x 96″L, with a total set measurement of 104″W x 96″L. The top features a rod pocket with a height of 1.6″, compatible with curtain rods up to 1.5″.
  • 100% BLACKOUT: Faux cotton curtains with white backing block 100% sunlight and UV rays, ensuring privacy and furniture protection.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Microfiber fabric with white environmental PA coating offers room darkening, waterproofing, thermal insulation, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and privacy protection.
  • UNIQUE HOME DECOR: These classic curtain panels complement various home styles, adding elegance.
  • EASY CARE: When washing, use cold water. If needed, add non-chlorine bleach and tumble dry on low. If necessary, iron on warm.

3. BGment Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains

BGment offers top-quality blackout curtains with thermal insulation that block 100 of light. This guarantees absolute darkness and security. Made from high-end materials, these curtains also offer exceptional thermal insulation, which helps control room temperature and save energy. Make your room more stylish and functional with BGment curtains that block out light.

White blackout curtains

Key Feature:

  • EASY TO INSTALL: 2 curtain panels, each 42″x 63″, with six grommets (1.6″inner diameter) for most curtain rods.
  • MAXIMUM BLACKOUT: Black lining backing for complete sunlight blockage, ensuring a dark sleep environment and privacy.
  • ENERGY SAVING: 2 layers balance room temperature, minimizing heat/cold entry and aiding in energy efficiency.
  • SOUND PROOF: Heavyweight double-layer panels absorb sound twice as effectively, reducing outside noise.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Durable, wrinkle-free blackout drapes. Wash below 86°F, tumble dry low, no bleach.

4. 100% White Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Enhance your bedroom with these elegant White Blackout Curtains. Their pristine white hue complements any decor, while the blackout feature ensures a peaceful night’s sleep by blocking out all external light. Enjoy both style and functionality in one with these sophisticated curtains.

White blackout curtains

Key Feature:

  • The box includes two panels.
  • Grommet Top: 8 shiny grommets top, 1.6″inner diameter each, fit standard size curtain rods.
  • Functions: Heavy enough to insulate against outside thermal energy, reducing noise for a better environment.
  • Unique Design: Crafted from double-layer blackout fabric, it blocks 100% sunlight for a midnight environment.
  • Easy to Handle: For best results, machine wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low heat—warm iron as needed.

5. Deconovo White Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Enhance your bedroom with Deconovo’s elegant White Blackout Curtains. Crafted for style and functionality, these curtains effortlessly blend into any decor while effectively blocking out light for a peaceful sleep environment. Experience the perfect balance of beauty and practicality in one window treatment solution.

White blackout curtains for bedroom

Key Features:

  • 100% BLACKOUT CURTAINS: Integrated blackout liner blocks 100% light, ideal for privacy and peaceful ambiance.
  • THERMAL INSULATING CURTAINS: Triple weave fabric balances temperature, insulating against heat and cold, aiding energy-saving.
  • SOUNDPROOF WINDOW CURTAINS: Heavyweight, double-layer design reduces noise, creating a tranquil environment.
  • MODERN BLACKOUT CURTAINS: Set of 2 curtains, 52″ comprehensive by 84″ long each, adds style with contemporary design.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND MAINTAIN: Silver grommets (1.6″inner diameter) for easy installation and sliding—machine washable and low-temperature ironing for easy maintenance.

6. 100% White Shield Linen Blackout Curtains

Make your room more spacious with our white Shield Linen Blackout Curtains. Combine the perfect blend of design and function when these curtains drape your windows with luxury linen while blocking unwanted light. Turn any room into a sanctuary of relaxation and style with this vital accessory to your interior décor.

White blackout curtains for bedroom

Key Feature:

  • Packaging Includes 2 Panels per package, each with 10 Clip Rings (1.2″ diameter).
  • Two-Hanging Design: Rod pocket or clip rings for versatile hanging options.
  • 100% Blackout Curtains: Burlap Curtains ensure complete darkness, noise isolation, and privacy. Regulate indoor temperature, reduce energy costs, and protect interiors from sun damage.
  • Single-Layer Fabric: Single-layer fabric resists wrinkles, enhances durability, and adds a retro and elegant burlap appearance to windows and rooms.
  • Easy Care: Machine washable in cold water, non-chlorine bleach as needed, no color fading, wrinkle-resistant, warm ironing or steam cleaning if necessary.

7. NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtain

Enjoy complete darkness and privacy by using NICETOWN’s blackout Curtains. Made with care, these curtains block out any light from outside, creating an ideal space to rest and relax. Enhance your living space with design and function since these curtains can improve energy efficiency and provide sound insulation.

White blackout curtains for bedroom

Key Feature:

  • Ready Made: 2 panels per package, each measuring 52″wide x 84″ long (Total width 104″). 2.7-inch rod pockets are recommended, allowing pleats and decorative style.
  • 100% Blackout: Sewn-in black liner blocks 100% sunlight and UV rays, providing a dark environment for daytime sleep.
  • Multiple Function: Heavyweight curtains close the windows entirely for noise reduction—thermal insulated, energy-saving, and privacy protection features.
  • Adjustable Length: Curtains can be hung with rings and hooks (not included) for adjustable height up to 3 inches. Pins spaced around 4-6 inches.
  • Easy Care: Durable finish withstands use. Machine washable below 86℉, mild detergent, no bleach. Low-temperature ironing. Avoid sharp objects.

8. BGment Pure White 100% Blackout Curtains

Get complete privacy and darkness With The BGment Pure White 100% Blackout Curtains. They are designed to perfection. Curtains effectively block out all light and create a feeling of tranquillity. Make your home more attractive with design and function.

White blackout curtains for bedroom

Key Feature:

  • Total Blackout Effect: BGment blackout curtains have two layers of triple weave shading fabric and thick black lining for complete light blocking, privacy, and furniture protection.
  • 100% Real Blackout: These curtains create a no-light space for quality sleep, ideal for night shifts, babies, and light-sensitive individuals. Suitable for media rooms, living rooms, offices, and gaming rooms.
  • Thermal Balance: Thermal lined curtains insulate against heat and cold, maintaining indoor temperature. Reduce energy costs and absorb sound twice as effectively as regular curtains.
  • Versatile Hanging Methods: Designed with three hanging methods for various stylish and elegant home setups, offering flexibility in decoration.
  • Tips: Each order includes 2 curtain panels, each measuring 52″wide and 84″ long (total width 104″). Features a 3-inch pocket on the header and 7 back tabs. Measure window width and height in advance for desired decorative and functional effects.

Hidden Benefits of white blackout curtains

White blackout curtains for bedrooms are a blessing due to their several benefits. Because of these valuable benefits, white blackout curtains become popular among people. Here are some hidden advantages:

Light Control and Privacy: White blackout curtains are more efficient in controlling external light, creating a darker environment for sleep and relaxation. This curtain also provides enhanced privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing into your room during the day.

Energy efficiency and Noise reduction: White blackout curtains are energy efficient. These curtains save energy by reducing the heat that enters or escapes through windows and maintaining the room temperature. These curtains also reduce noise as they block the outer sound, making the space a comfort zone.

Aesthetic and Quality Sleep:  While blackout curtains are principally practical, they be a part of the overall look of a space. White curtains can provide an airy, clean, and airy ambiance and make spaces appear more spacious and welcoming. Blackout curtains in white are an ideal choice for nurseries, bedrooms, and spaces where a calm and relaxing atmosphere is required.

Versatility and Easy Care: White is a slick color that can easily blend into different interior design styles and colours. White curtains are usually simple to maintain and clean. They are often machine-washable, making keeping their appearance fresh and clean easier.

Final Thoughts

White blackout curtains can be an excellent option for decorating your bedroom and function. They offer a perfect combination of practical benefits and aesthetic design, creating a space that encourages sleepy sleep and a welcoming ambiance.

For those who want a serene sleep environment, improved energy savings, or just an attractive visual appeal, white blackout curtains are proven to be a must-have to create a space that is both relaxing and fashionable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are white blackout curtains in blocking light?

White blackout curtains are highly effective in blocking light, as their dense fabric and light-blocking properties create a dark and conducive environment by minimizing external light infiltration.

Can blackout curtains help reduce outside noise in the bedroom?

Yes, blackout curtains help reduce outside noise in the bedroom due to their thick and heavy fabric that acts as a barrier, dampening sound and creating a quieter indoor environment.

Are there eco-friendly options for white blackout curtains?

Yes, eco-friendly alternatives for blackout curtains in white are readily available, usually constructed from sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycled fabric, which can reduce their effect on the environment while offering the ability to control light and energy consumption.

Can I use blackout curtains in conjunction with other window treatments?

You can use blackout curtains with other window treatments, such as sheer blinds or curtains. They offer the ability to control light and privacy while retaining the advantages of blocking sunlight and insulation that comes with blackout curtains.

How often should I clean white blackout curtains?

White blackout curtains should be cleaned every 3-6 months to prevent dust buildup and maintain freshness. However, the frequency can vary based on your environment and personal preferences.

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